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Black Friday, a global shopping phenomenon that everybody knows and eagerly waits for every year. It is celebrated every year on the Friday following the Thanksgiving day: which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November. Black Friday constitutes a day with heavy discounts on all sort of stuffs. Every year, consumers as well as the sellers, prepares for this day. Everyone loves shopping, from kids to teenagers, and the adults, saves up for this day. Making list of things that they are going to buy, they strategically devise the time schedule and their morale for this shopping ritual, that is Black Friday.

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Although, it is not an official holiday by the government, people celebrate the day as “the day after thanksgiving”. The shopping ritual known as Black Friday has its own interesting history, and has its own evolution that very few people know about. The Black Friday tradition which started in United States of America, quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the world, turning it into a massive global phenomenon.

It is said that in 1950s, the fad of people calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving got popular, in order to give them a long four-day weekend. The purpose doing that was to allow themselves a head start on their shopping season. Many businesses started added that day as another paid holiday. It was in 1966, that the term “Black Friday” became famous. The American Philatelist, a stamp collector’s magazine published an ad in their magazine, which showed police department of Philadelphia using this term to describe heavy traffic jams and crowding in downtown stores.

Moreover, it has been called the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. Retailers extend their hours and deals every year, opening shop as early as possible, in order to generate more sales and profit. But, retailers granting heavy discounts on their products will generate more customers, which can also become problematic, resulting in chaos and disorder. In fact, it was reported that a Wal-Mart worker died by stampede on black Friday. As the management prepared to open the stores at 5 a.m., the employee was stomped to the ground and then trampled to death by the crazy shoppers, that surged through the front doors to get their hands on exciting deals.

Every year, dozens of people get injured by the manic shoppers, who are eager to get their items. Common injuries include bruises, broken bones, sprained ankles, and concussion. Although, government has tried to control the situation by passing regulations to improve Black Friday safety. The safety measures include assembling the line further back from the front doors, and removing products that can used as battering rams.

Not only there is an epidemic of crazed shoppers in this season, there is also the surge of heavy traffic and jams across the roads. The road rage of crazy drivers also increases in this shopping season. Crowded stores and long lines of car can also turn the calmest people into alarming lunatics. Throw in the scramble for a good deal, and any store can turn into a mob scene of a movie or break out into fights. This kind of rage can happen at any point during the year, but it increases especially around the holidays when retailers are offering heavy discounts. Though, the season has its own value but many people search for essay and want to have the UK essays help to get their work done in this busy season.

The Black Friday is not only beneficial to the consumers, but also for the retailers, as it is the day that they are going to make their utmost profit. According to the statistics by NRF: national retail federation, in 2009, sales increased by 0.3%. Each shopper spent 337$ on Black Friday. That’s more than half of the $673 each spent during the entire 2009 holiday season. Holiday sales rebounded in 2010 by 5.2%, once the decline was safely over. Black Friday weekend sales were $45 billion.

For the first time, many stores opened their shop on evening in 2011. Those sales were included in Black Friday sales. They were $12.3 billion, up 2.3% from 2010. Overall holiday sales rose 4.6%. The trend keeps on rising, but opening shop early means that some of them are not celebrating their thanksgiving with their families. Many stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s, opened at midnight, while Wal-Mart let consumers rush in at 10 o’clock. This means that their workers had to cut off their time with their families to work at these hours, resulting in the loss of thanksgiving spirit.

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