Terms & conditions

Refund Policy

Refunds at ukessayshelp.co.uk are accepted and processed as per the following terms and conditions:
While placing the order with the company, the customer should review and discuss policies (if needed):

  • The company is not offering full refund irrespective of the scenario.
  • Customer gives their acceptance to the understanding that the company shall be eligible to keep 50% of the fee amount as the cost of the services that are incurred when work is being done on customer’s project.
  • To be eligible for refund customer will be required to provide verifiable evidence(s) that show the work done by the company is not as per requirements that were provided by the customer initially.
  • The customer may claim the refund within 10 days from the order delivery. Afterwards, no claims shall be entertained as it will be treated as void.
  • Customer will not be eligible to claim a refund for the order(s) that was/were placed requiring delivery time less than 48 hours. In addition, the order for the dissertation with delivery timeline 10-days or earlier shall also be not eligible for any refund.
  • The company shall take at least 30 days period to complete the verification process to determine whether a claim qualifies or gets disqualified. Customer will not get any refund in case the company finds the claim as not supported by valid evidence.
  • This will be the sole discretion of the company to decide about the amount of refund in all such instances wherein a refund claim is finalised as qualified by the company. This condition shall especially be applicable on all orders wherein re-write or revision request can be entertained.
  • Customer understands and agrees that it will require up to 10-days to reach the refunded amount in customer’s account from the date of refund processed by the company.

Revision Policy

  • Customer must provide all requirements that they want to be incorporated in the revised order at the time of revision placement. The requirement(s) that is/are not mentioned initially will not be treated as the reason for complaint or dissatisfaction of the customer.
  • If Customer forgets or misses the point to mention in the requirement section while placing the order, the company will not be held responsible for meeting those requirements. This means revision request will not be considered as valid. Whereas, if the company does not match any criteria, as mentioned in order details provided by customer initially then the company will be offering unlimited revisions free of charge.
  • The company makes it quite clear here that revision and additional work are two different things, hence if customer requests for additional-work then that will not be considered as revision request but an amendment that will be charged an additional fee.
  • It will be upon the company to decide about the amount of fee for additional work. It must be understood and agreed by the customer that fee amount shall be in accordance with the type of work, level and the delivery timeline required by the customer for the additional work.
  • The company will not be accepting a request for additional work from the customer whose work for revision will already be in progress. In addition to this, the customer will not be eligible to get a revised document on holidays/ Sundays.

Terms & conditions

By placing the order you accept the terms and conditions stated below:

  • Terms of Use:
    The work of our editors cannot be reproduced or copied; you should use it for your reference.
  • Services:
    Ukessayshelp.co.uk offers Essay, Assignment, Coursework and Dissertation Editing service to students and professionals.
  • Terms of Sale:
    We offer editing and proofreading services. We check your work for grammar, punctuation, styling, content, spell and other structural mistakes.
  • Privacy:
    When you visit our site, our system automatically detects your location, and it is saved in the system.
  • Payment:
    We receive payments through our Merchants, Bank Account and PayPal.
  • Information:
    Your provided information will be kept confidential. Your information will be used to communicate with you. It will not be disclosed to anyone until required by law.
  • Cancellation:
    You can cancel the assignment before we start working on it. If our editors have started their work, you cannot cancel or change the instructions.
  • Website Use:
    All information produced on this website is the property of the company. You cannot copy it.