How To Cope-Up With The Fear Of Failure After My Essay Submission

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How To Cope-Up With The Fear Of Failure After My Essay Submission

Writing is still hard to do and difficult to master. Even professional writers say they sometimes aren’t confident in the writing. This lack of confidence is the effect of fear of failure. Humans have a tendency to avoid thing which may require more responsibility. This responsivity trigger fear of failure in many of us. Almost everybody faces the fear but some people know how to cope with it much better than others. Mostly this pressure is often faced in educational and office life. Where we are reviewed or marked according to the writing or task. In education, life essay writing triggers this for many of us. Most of the time the essay carries a small amount of marks we don’t want to lose.

At this time we wish that can someone Write My Essay? Let’s say your wish has come true. We offer essay writing service to ensure you score the maximum numbers possible. Still, you have overcome the fear of failure after essay submission. To help to cope up with the fear of failure after essay submission here are some tips.

Don’t Think About It

Firstly the most important mistake that most of the students make is that they constantly think about their submitted essay. We suggest that you just don’t think about it anymore. Try to keep yourself full of activity as much as possible. The human mind is a complex organ. It constantly requires something to think or ponder upon. You might have heard that some people live in the mountains in order to train their mind to not to think anything.

This is a very hard thing to do and require a year of practice and concentration. Another short solution to the problem is constantly doing something that we have already mentioned above. We are doing something we totally indulge in the activity. This cause leaving no room for other kinds of thinking. You can do several in the meantime while you wait for the result for your essay. You can complete other essays that are given to you. Revise previous lessons and chapter already learned at school. You also read the upcoming lessons and chapter to get a head start in the subject. Try working on improving your skills or talents.

You can practice painting in the meantime. Or you can play outdoor games to increase your stamina. If you plan to be a professional e-sports player in the future you can use your free time to stream your gameplay. You can also hang out with your friend in the period in-between. Just do something that keeps yourself busy. If you think you are sloth that can sleep for a huge period of time then sleep for a while.

Be Confident

One of the major causes of this fear of failure is the lack of enough confidence. If students knew that their work will easily score them enough numbers to pass the subject. They are still worried about it like they will definitely fail. Try to confident about your work. As we grow we must understand to take responsibility to show that we are mature. Take up some accountability and don’t worry. Remember the time you learned to ride your bicycle. Initially, you were afraid to ride it but with time and practice, you got enough confidence to show off your bike skills in the neighbourhood. It is the same with essay writing. Initially, you will be depressed and try to escape all together but after a while, you used to it.

It Done

One of the main things students tend to forget that once you submit your essay. You can’t do anything anymore on the essay as you already submitted. There is no point in taking tension about the work you know that you have completed. Leave it and move on. We know that we humans love to remember or come back to the old stuff or relations. But there is something that better left unremembered or untouched. We all have that one friend that always is shy and feels weird in the public. You will often heart people tell that friend that does what you want to do. Don’t be afraid. You live life only once. If you spend you most of time in burden and when will you live it. Enjoy your life while you have it.

Our life is the most precious bequest we have. It is better to enjoy it than to waste it all together. In the modern age of smartphone and technology, we are bounded with technology instead of humans.


Share your fear

One of the easiest ways to reduce this fear of failure is to share it with someone. You can easily talk to your classmates and show your burden. Most likely they will totally relate with you. This will trigger a normality sense in you. This will reduce the overall fear of failure. You also tell your parents about it and show your tension. Most possibly they will encourage that you shouldn’t care much about it. Talk to your teacher about it. He/she will most likely say something that can unload the burden in you. You teacher might give you an extra number due to the sympathy.

 At Least You Tired

Just ask you, teacher, how many students submitted their work. Most probably their 10-12 colleagues that haven’t submitted their work at all. We humans feel grateful when we see anyone below us having less power or ability than us. These 10-12 students will definitely get zero marks in the subject while you might get enough to pass or surpass your expectation. Your effort might not leave in vain you will surely get some marks.


While writing your essay make sure that you format your essay well enough that is presentable. Most of the institutes have separate for formatting. You can easily score these marks by having proper formatting. Let see one of the most common types of format design.

  • Introduction

In the introduction section of the essay introduce your topic or agreement you are going to talk about. Explain some background it in and introduce the topic to the reader.

  • Body

In the introduction section of the essay, you put all the information that is related to the topic. In case of an argument either you show both sides or show evidence to support your argument. The body section is the biggest part of the essay. You can use more than one paragraph in the section

  • Conclusion

This is the ending of the essay. In the section, you will provide a summary of the whole essay as well as a result of the essay. Make sure not to introduce any new points in the section.

These were some of the tips on how to cope up with the fear of failure after essay submission. We highly recommend taking our essay service. Most of the students’ wish of hiring someone to Write My Essay is fulfilled by our writers. Try our services to find out today. Take care of yourself and keep on writing.

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