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20 Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing

                Academic writing is a part of every student’s life. Whether you are studying at school or at the culmination of your academic degrees, you have to produce essays and dissertations always. As a student you are supposed to write well. The purpose of this articles is to provide you the best essay help by explaining a few methods to improve your academic writing skills.

                Some students struggle in scoring good grades despite working hard and being good at concepts. The reason is that their writing skills are not good enough to impress the examiner. This is how you can overcome this situation:

Read the Masters:

Reading the works of those who are considered the masters of the art is helpful in understanding how to write. See how the techniques are used by them. Different writers have different writing styles. For example, if you like simple writing style, read Earnest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.

Practice a Specific Writing Technique:

Various techniques are used by people to produce good quality content in their academic writings. You can use any one of them. But it’s imperative that you choose a writing style and keep practicing that for a long time.

Everything comes easy with practice as an old clichéd aphorism says, “practice makes a man perfect.”

Free Writing:

Free writing is a practice that can improve your skills dramatically. When you practice converting all your thoughts into words without caring about the grammar or spelling mistakes, it helps you overcome your writing blocks.


Research is the backbone of every kind of writing. But in academic writings, it becomes more important. Always complete your research part before actually beginning to write. Your presentation of knowledge and the strength of argument relies on how much effort you put in searching for material.

Structuring your essay:

A bad structuring of your essay can ruin everything good in it. The proper format of essay needs to be followed and that includes an introduction, body paragraphs and a proper conclusion.

An Appropriate Introduction:

Introduction sets the tone for your whole essay. Make sure that you introduce your topic clearly and concisely with an eye catching thesis statement. The length of an introduction can vary according to the number of words required.

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Valuable Body Paragraphs:

Your body paragraphs contain all the information, arguments, analysis and facts/figures. Present your argument and back it with logical reasoning and statistical data.

A Logical Conclusion:

Conclusion serves the purpose of making a final statement and re-enforcing the thesis statement with the help of key points presented in the main body paragraphs.


Every action’s success or failure is determined by its quality of planning. A well planned action is less likely to fail than an unplanned activity.

Similarly, if an essay is planned before actually beginning to write, there are ample chances that your writing will include all the necessary elements to make it a successful venture.


Creating an outline, before actually starting your essay helps you include all the relevant information and leave out irrelevant stuff. If you start writing randomly without an outline, you might forget to add some necessary information that could have strengthened your argument otherwise.

Understanding your audience:

All good writers keep in mind whom they are writing for. Your writing style is determined by the nature of your audience.

For instance, writing an essay for your professor is slightly different from writing and essay for a public magazine or an essay writing competition.

A Logical Flow:

Make sure that your writing flows logically. A logical flow is necessary to keep the whole body intact. It keeps the reader engaged and creates a good reading experience.

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Vivid Language:

Your language is the only medium you can interact with and make an impression on your reader. Using vivid language to explain the abstract concepts leaves a good impact and helps understand the complex ideas that are unfathomable otherwise.

Conciseness of Language:

Always use concise sentences that give more information using less words. This practice will make your written pieces richer in meanings and easy to read.

Use of Metaphors:

A metaphor is a symbol used to represent something else due to a common feature. Using metaphors makes your writing beautiful and artistic. Especially in social sciences subjects, it is an effective way to provide the reader with an enriching experience.


Sentence structuring is essential as it makes or breaks the reader’s response. A bad structuring of sentences can never arouse the curiosity of your reader, no matter how good the subject matter is.

Suitable Choice of Words:

Words are the medium conveying your message/argument. Choosing suitable words to define ideas exactly is essential. Inappropriate adjectives and adverbs confuse the reader.


Poor and unclear reasoning not only confuse the reader but also jeopardize your credibility as a writer. Always use logical inferences to conclude proper results.

No Generalization:

It is absurd to apply an idea to everything or everyone. Generalization will only weaken your argument as there will be no ample evidence.


Punctuations often change the meanings of a sentence. Therefore always make sure that the right punctuation marks are used in order to be clear in the meaning.

These instructions, if followed in all your writings can make you a better writer. I hope this article provide you the best essay help and you will be able to score better as well as impress your readers with an improved writing style.

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