Hacks to Make Essay Writing Way More Fun

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Hacks to Make Essay Writing Way More Fun

                Do you agree with what the famous novelist said? If yes, then you need to read this article to get out of your misery. Most People consider writing as one of the toughest jobs. Majority of students find it difficult to produce their written assignments while maintaining the best quality. The purpose of this article is to get you out of this difficulty and make the essay writing simple for you. Writing comes easy to some people with their natural talents of producing good essays. But doing it as fun is a whole different thing.

                Let us see how this serious and difficult activity can be turned into enjoyment.

“I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.”
— Peter de Vries

Work with Friends:

                One of the ways you can learn rapidly is to discuss something with your friends. Discussion opens up a whole new dimension for your own thinking sometimes. You get a deeper understanding of ideas and mistakes or errors you were making before. This idea is exhibited in this famous but anonymous quote:

“Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes, so learn from others.”

                Moreover, when you are challenged by a friend’s idea or perception on the same topic, you try to defend back your own. This discussion helps you get involved more actively in the subject and your ideas get better polished.

                While converting those ideas into language, you can learn by discussing the writing techniques and methods. Also, it can be more fun doing it with somebody you like.

                Similarly, it creates a sense of healthy competition and you always want to do better than your friend. This helps each person learn their mistakes and others’ strengths. Therefore, every time you get your work done and compare it with your friends, you come out of it as a better writer.

Make it Visual:

                Writing can be boring because of its colourlessness and non-graphical environment. But who says it has to be like this? You can always use visual elements, photos, stickers and shapes to illustrate your ideas during the process.

                Of course, your final copy of the essay is going to be in black and white. With Times New Romans and double spacing, but these visuals can make your activity less boring at the very least.


Use Interesting Mediums for Research:

                One of the reasons why writing gets boring is that you have to gather data from uninteresting mediums and write it in a very boring environment. Well, using different mediums can solve your problems. For example, you can watch documentaries and short films for research.

                You are always busy and your Netflix account is wasted? Well, No more, use it as a medium for your essay writing research. There is a bundle of movies and educational documentaries that can assist you. But make sure that you are not gathering factual data from a fictional movie.

Use an app:

                Writing doesn’t mean that you just sit down randomly and get the thing done. It consists of a number of steps including research, drafting, writing and reviewing.

                Most people are good at one of these steps but get stuck at the other. You can use various apps for all of these parts to get your work done efficiently. For example, numerous apps can be used for editing and proofreading purposes. A number of them are available in the market that can identify your grammatical mistakes, and wrong sentence structure. They suggest better adjectives and adverbs which make your writing better.

Create a Ritual:

                As a student, sitting at your table and opening your system or getting a pen and paper is the most difficult thing. However, it’s not only you who suffers the problem. Most professional writers are reported to say the same.

                What needs to be done is that you create a ritual for yourself and follow it religiously. Make a time-table and assign a few hours to write every day with a cup of tea or your favourite beverages. You need something that will help you sit down comfortably and make you enjoy your writing.

                Writing is more fun and joy when you think it as an activity that brings pleasure to you. The scope of learning is wide and a variety of new ideas are exposed to you. In order to get the best essay writing UK experience, follow these tips and make it more fun for yourself.

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