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How to Manage Time Better When Writing (and Living Your Life)

Managing time in today’s hectic life is a problem everyone faces. People often complain about their life becoming a hodgepodge of various professional and student activities with nothing to enjoy. I once got a chance to discuss the topic with an essay writer who was also working with a health maintenance organization. He stated that his life has become unbearable because of more work and less time. Writers, whether they are working as professionals or writing their academic dissertations/essays are observed caught in the same phenomenon. Fortunately, I was able to help this person by suggesting to him a few good essay writers who could assist him and make his life a bit easier. Just like I did when I was trying to write my essay for me.

But today I am not going to suggest any services, rather I would like to discuss a few strategies, which can help you manage your time better. Writing is a serious job and if you don’t do it in a certain fashion, it becomes daunting and exhausting. Here is how you can manage your time while writing and live your life as well.

Keep Distractions Away:

One of the basic reasons that don’t let you complete your work early is distractions. Distractions can be everywhere. They are all around you, waiting for you to be lured into their traps and lose your time. Whether it’s your phone, social media, a noise in the house or neighborhood or a friend’s invitation to a pizza party.

Keeping these distractions away is chiefly important. They won’t let you focus on your writing. Your social media can entice you towards its compendium and graphical world. The noise around you can be a distraction as well resulting in the lack of concentration on the subject matter and you will have to put more effort into understanding the complex ideas.

Therefore, it can be logically inferred that distractions can slow you down. Hence, keeping these distractions away is imperative in managing time effectively.

Make a schedule:

Most full-time writers know that the bulk of their time is going to be spent in writing. But as a part-time writer or student, you need to make a schedule of your daily routine. Though the idea of a schedule is also helpful for full-time writers, as it allows them to spare time for other activities and their families.

Secondly, a schedule helps you know, when your task is going to be completed and where do you stand in terms of your deadline. Also, you are able to spare time for your friends and family without losing anything.

Furthermore, a schedule keeps you healthy as you have a fixed time to get into your bed and wake up. Mental health is also made better as it saves you from severe anxiety and depression that you could face otherwise.

Setting up Daily Goals:

A jumping up from this task to that is usually a time-wasting activity. Instead, you can set up your goals for each day and then stick to it. The reason is that when you have a tangible goal or a destination in front of you, you can easily go towards it without shuffling here and there.

Secondly, your daily goals can help you keep track of how much work you have done until today and how much part of the job remains to be done yet. But make sure that your goals are realistic and achievable. Setting up goals ideally and expecting yourself to do more than what you can lead you to demotivation and a lack of trust in your skills.

Understand your Peak Time:

During your day, a few hours are the most productive ones and some of them are the least productive. Spending your time on such a complex task as writing during your least productive hours will only result in the waste of that time.

Instead, choose the time when you are most productive. You will be able to focus better and accomplish your task earlier than the expected time.

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Set Preferences:

Your time is always limited. Everybody has got the same 24 hours in a day. But the number of responsibilities is not the same. You may have numerous responsibilities and various projects to work on.

What needs to be done here is that you prioritize your work. Give preferences to the projects that need to be done urgently. Perhaps they can pay your bills or their deadline is near. Adhere to this to-do list and get your stuff done in a disciplined way.

Other things like watching your favorite TV show or a football game can wait for sure when your projects are waiting for you to be done immediately.

Reward Yourself:

When you try to manage your time for the bulk of work you have to do, the most ignored person in doing so is yourself. Living a healthy life, both mentally and physically, is always helpful in performing any task efficiently. Therefore, setting up a reward for yourself at the end of a task is beneficial.

Furthermore, human beings tend to perform better when we have a materialistic goal in front of us. Something tangible to get out of our job is a great motivation. Therefore, rewarding yourself after every achievement is always valuable.

You can set a small reward for a small task and a big party on a great achievement. It will also keep you far from getting stultified and exhausted.

Get Help:

Getting help is always considered as asking a friend or family member to help you write. But in your case, it is not true. You can only get your written stuff done by yourself. But you can always get help from virtual assistants regarding your academic writing.

These virtual assistants can be any software, applications, data analysis tools and other help available in the market. This will get the load off from your shoulders and you will be able to save more time from daily writing activity.

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